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Mian Afzal Javed C.E.O Of Vscopk, who promotes young talented artists all around the Pakistan/World for last 8years. Without any team or Without any profit. I have done 74 events incdule: Photowalks, Exhibitions, Award ceremonies. In 2022 collaborate with Lahore Arts Council Alhamra and Government of the Punjab information & culture department. Punjab council of the arts, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Murree, also done an exhibition in Karachi arts council. I have a contract with Government of the Punjab Walled city of Lahore authority for 6months, for organizing an exhibition every week at Chowk wazir khan masjid. June to November 2022.

Thanks for appreciating me Government of the Punjab.

Chief Executive Officer of Vscopk

Mian Afzal Javed

How I started my Photography Journey/Business

Photography: I started my journey with a regular mobile camera in 2011. I didn’t know how to capture pictures and always tried my best. I then met a man who told me that you could capture 1000 pictures and from those 1000 pictures, at least two will be perfect. From then on, I photographed whatever was appealing to me, mainly the beauty of Pakistan. Slowly, I started to capture pictures that were good quality, and my photography improved. Although I had a DLSR, I usually captured most of my photos from my mobile. promoted my photography on many pages and even added several different hashtags; however, there was no luck getting recognition from any other well-known photographers or pages. I did not know why and then it came to my mind that people don’t really support new beginners and don’t share their work or talent. After realizing this. told myself that would be someone who recognizes other people’s talents and photography in the future.

When did my hobby become my business?

As I become more well-known and my photography got recognition, decided to change my hobby into a business, because why not? came up with the name VSCOPK a unique yet appealing name, and named my Instagram page this. On this page, featured new talented photographers and artists. I once came across something called a photo walk and this, I thought, was a fantastic idea to incorporate into my hobby and business. A photo walk is when you travel mainly walk around different areas and whatever captures your eye, just take a photo of it. Nowadays, people go in groups to various tourist attractions on a photo walk. organized my first photo walk in 2016, and this was surprisingly successful. By 2018 had completed 16 VSCOPK photo walks around Pakistan with numerous talented people from across Pakistan. registered the VSCOPK trademark in 2018 and then turned my business into a travel company.

VSCOPK Achievements:

In 2020 alone, VSCOPK distributed ‘Certificates of Appreciation’ to 3900 people. We carried out four award ceremonies, photo walks, one meetup, and one dinner party, exhibitions, can only say that with many people’s support and Dua’s, I have reached this far, and VSCOPK has become what it is today.I genuinely thank all of you for supporting me. I would like to say that you keep supporting VSCOPK and remember me in your prayers.

2022 Collaboration With

Government Of The Punjab Information & Culture

Department Punjab Council Of The Arts, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad Sahiwal, Murree.

Government Of The Punjab, Alhamra Lahore Arts Council

Contract agreement for 6 months

Government Of The Punjab Walled City Of Lahore Authority, June to November 2022


Mian Afzal Javed

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